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Solution Focused Therapy

We invite you to be a part of the Trabucco Fitness experience in which we offer an integrative holistic approach to well-being. Let us help you in strengthening your mind, body and spirit. We offer individualized personal training as well as rehabilitative training, therapeutic massage, on-location chiropractic services, nutritional programs and counseling. We also carry a full line of Life Extension supplements reputable for doctor-researched nature-based ingredients.

Christopher Arnold

B.A. Psy., M.S.Ed.

Christopher Arnold joined our team to offer counseling services in 2021 after recently retiring from his position as an elementary school principal and accumulating over 40 years of experience in the fields of education and counseling. He is certified in Critical Incidents and Stress Management, Suicide Prevention, MBTI and Divorce Mediation. He is well-versed in play therapy, mindfulness, stress management, hypnotherapy, solution-focused brief therapy and educational counseling.

Christopher utilizes a caring, genuine approach to validate and empower individuals to attain achievable outcomes in dealing with emotional problems such as depression, anxiety, PTSD and related issues. He has a great deal of experience working with children and teenagers who struggle with low self-esteem, social skills and learning disabilities.

Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT), as the name suggests, focuses on finding solutions to problems rather than focusing on problems. This evidence-based, forward-focused approach leads to a more positive therapy experience and a sustainable change. The therapist and client work together to identify what would qualify as a satisfying solution, explore resources available to and within that individual and construct a solution that can be implemented both readily and lastingly. This process is respectful and gentle while direct and goal-oriented for optimal experience and results.

Dave Trabucco


Dave Trabucco is owner and founder of Trabucco Fitness, a center which offers a multi-faceted approach to health and wellness.

Dave’s studies of strength, the muscular skeletal system and the neurological systems began over 25 years ago. He has developed principals and techniques that he uses successfully to help clients suffering from ailments such as MS, Parkinson’s, neuropathy and others.

Dave has found that a key component to optimal health is not only focusing on physical strength, but also caring for our emotional and spiritual strength which are all directly connected.

Dave has become a source of support and counsel for many people over the years who want to be more balanced, relieve stress, work through relationships, better organize their lives, and be more productive in healthy ways. All of these lead to healthier living and reduced health issues.

His many years of studying various religions has helped him have a better understanding when dealing with clients of different backgrounds. He believes that “true health & wellness” is grounded in faith.

Dave is certified in Personal Training, Fitness Therapy, Fitness Nutrition and also Certified in Addiction Recovery Counseling. He is currently authoring a book on “Principles of Strength” and how to apply them to your life for more balance and healthier overall living. He greatly enjoys passing on knowledge and guiding people to aid in positive transformation and growth.

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