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Welcome to Trabucco Fitness’s first Newsletter.

Our goal with the newsletter is to keep you all connected not only to what is happening at Trabucco Fitness but also with the rest of your Trabucco Fitness Family.

In addition to the newsletter there will be video and audio recordings of testimonials and re-sponses from Dave or the other trainers to questions or topics that clients have presented them with.

We will discuss topics that many of you have shown interest in. We will offer our perspective and insight into different questions that many

of you have asked. There will be a topic board that you can write down any question or topic that you would like more information about and we will respond either in the next newsletter or on our website if it requires a more detailed re-sponse. This will allow everyone to share in the information and expand on it if you would like.

We are looking forward to many interesting topics.



People are always asking me “What are the benefits of strength training verses aerobic training?” My answer to that question is usually a bit multi-faceted. I understand the con-fusion because most people associate getting in shape with walking or running or begin-ning an aerobics class. These activities are great when you are young or have the muscle on your body to protect your joints. When we are 18 years old our bodies are in a growth and development mode. Out-side of any medical problems our bodies are putting on mus-cle pretty easily regardless of

what we are doing. As we get older this changes. The body doesn’t naturally put muscle on like it did when we were younger and it even struggles to maintain muscle unless we do something that aids it to do so. Strength training allows you to build muscle safely and even isolate areas that might be compromised and build around them to make them stable and strong. With this approach it will allow you to be able to stabilize and strengthen your joints which will then allow you to perform more repetitive movements without further damaging any weakened areas.

In addition, resistance training focuses on putting lean muscle on your skeletal frame which begins the process of body fat loss and toning that most peo-ple are really in search of. I think it is important for people to distinguish between cardio vascular fitness and muscular skeletal fitness. They are both very important but also very different. If you would like to hear more of the response to this question click on the video above.

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